tara and brad got married :)

I love my job.

I had such an incredible time photographing Brad and Tara’s wedding this past Saturday.  They have got to be the most encouraging, affirming couple that I have ever met (they almost made me cry a few times from their compliments about my work).  They had such a genuine attitude towards me I just couldn’t believe it.  Bah!  Enough about me! 🙂

The day was stunning.  Tara and her bridesmaids were beautiful and her daughter was the cutest flower girl you’ve ever seen (and her and I were “best friends” by the end of the night, I learned! lol).  The groomsmen were a blast and all around we had such a fun time.

Tara and Brad, THANK YOU.  You’re why I love doing this so much.

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Props, too, to my photografriend and gifted assistent, Alora.  Check out her work here 🙂


janelle and taylor. second shooting for erin walker photography.

Not only did I love second shooting for my friend and fellow photog, Erin, from Erin Walker Photography but I also got to meet this fabulous couple!  The guys were tons of fun when I met up to capture them getting ready.  They ended up playing some frisbee, football and just hanging out and laughing.  Janelle was an absolutely stunning bride (love love LOVE her dress) and everyone in the bridal party were total troopers considering how chilly it was outside.

Check out some of my favorites from their day 🙂

marni and doug got married.

Happy sigh.  I love my job.

I love love LOVED getting to hang with Marni and Doug this past Sunday.  The day was incredible, the weather was perfect, Marni was stunning… I couldn’t have asked for anything more.  Not only was this wedding beautiful and the wedding couple a lot of fun but I also got to learn a lot!  Weddings that celebrate and involve different cultural traditions are easily some of my favorites to shoot and photographing this Jewish wedding was a first!  I got to learn about the Ketubah (wedding contract/piece of art) and the Chuppah (4 post tent/canopy) as well as witness my first Horah (Jewish dance).  LOVE!

Thank you, Doug and Marni, for inviting me in to share your special day.

A big shout out, too, to my lovely second shooter, Miranda (Miranda Wensel Photography)!

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annette and antoine. married.

I had a BLAST on Saturday photographing Annette and Antoine’s wedding.  A few minor hiccups (limo driver not quite knowing where he was going, starting the ceremony errr, a few minutes late (just a few, right?), insane mosquitoes, a very hot day and a crazy storm), a few missing pieces of clothing (girls…you know what I’m talking about) and then a random act of spontaneity (crash a Bluegrass festival?  Sure, why not?!) resulted in a lot of fun and some great photos.

Congrats to Annette and Antoine!  I hope you guys have a blast on your honeymoon 🙂

A special shout out to the lovely and talented Liz of Eee and Bee Photography for second shooting with me and taking on the task of wrangling in those groomsmen!

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sarah and greg. married.

I had SUCH A BLAST photographing Sarah and Greg’s wedding on Saturday!  A beautiful morning turned into one of the loudest, craziest storms I’ve heard in a long time EXACTLY during the ceremony.  It was pretty epic having an insane crack of thunder at the exact moment that Greg was asked if he took Sarah to be his wife (poor, sweet flower girl was crying she was so scared).  At least everyone was in good spirits and had a good laugh about the weather.

The weather cleared up just in time for our formals and thank goodness it did.  I’m so happy with the images I could capture for this special couple.

Thanks again to the amazing Alora of Alora Marie Photography for second shooting with me and getting some awesome shots 🙂

And thanks to Sarah and Greg for making my job so much fun!


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variety is neat.

You know what I love?  That when I look around at photographers around me, whether they’re friends, acquaintances, or artists whose work I’ve simply viewed online, that they’re all different.  I love that.  I like that someone can love multiple people’s work even though the work may look worlds apart in style and skill.

I was watching a video this morning about a photographer getting sued by his client over wedding photos and I felt gross for the photographer.  I can’t imagine being in his position.  I pour my heart into my sessions and, really, (aside from contractual obligations) that’s all a photographer can really guarantee.  I guarantee that I love photography more and more each day.  I guarantee that I’m trying my hardest to get the best photos I possibly can at each and every session/wedding.  There are so many factors that affect photos: sun, clouds, shadows, weather, people, personalities, etc, etc, etc.  I can’t guarantee how any of those things will be on any given day but at least I can give it my all!

Being part of different forums for photographers (mostly on facebook) I get to see and hear a lot of what clients don’t get to see and hear.  I’ve felt the joy of a photographer who said that her clients were so happy with their photos that they wept.  I’ve felt the hurt of a photographer who was ripped to shreds by a client who was unhappy with her photos despite the fact that the photos were COMPLETELY on par with that photographer’s portfolio.  I’ve felt the tears of numerous photographers who have felt pressure to give discounts and deals to demanding clients whilst the photographer’s themselves are struggling to pay their rent and buy food for their kids.  I’ve cringed at the hurt a photographer felt when another photographer criticized the first photographer’s work and pointed out their flaws without an invite for constructive criticism.  I’ve felt frustrated for photographers whose clients have complained that the photographer did a bad job because they captured the client’s wrinkled clothes, tan lines, and double chins.

May I speak for photographers and just say that each and every one of us are on a never-ending journey of learning.  Sure the photographer who has been shooting for 20 years will likely know more (and charge more) than photographers like me who have been working in the field for significantly less time.  There are ways to lessen things like double chins in photos by getting clients to pose in certain ways that I didn’t know about a year ago.  A year from now I’ll probably learn a new trick and then probably another a year after that (haven’t learned yet how to iron an un-ironed shirt by posing yet, but I’ll let you know).  Bottom line is I promise, we’re doing our best.  And we’re all different (thank goodness for that, right?!).

Check out this snippet of the wide variety of style, skill and all around AWESOMENESS that exists in our city:

Alora Marie Photography

Miranda Wensel Photography

Creations Photo

Renee Robyn Photography

Amanda Diaz Photography

Erin Walker Photography

Picture That Photography

NC Photography

And there are 1000’s more!!!!

This photo is one my friend and fellow photog, Alora (Alora Marie Photography) took of me recently (she’s ONLY 17!!!!!!).

pretty ballerina. raven and braeden.

I got to photograph my cousin, Raven, and her boyfriend the other week and was sooo excited for the shoot.  The shoot was another spin-off from my “give me a creative idea and maybe I’ll shoot it” shout-out that I gave on my facebook page a while back.  Originally, I was thinking it would be a mock-bridal shoot but decided against that angle for this one.  I knew that Raven was a ballerina but the wheels were spinning when she agreed to let me feature that fact in some capacity during our shoot.  

I was looking around on the good ol’ interweb trying to see if I could be inspired by how ballet dancers have been featured in other portrait shoots and frankly, ended up making one of those cringe-y/grimace faces a lot of the time.  Now I’m not saying ballet dancers haven’t been remarkably captured in photographs (because they have); I was more looking for how they’ve been captured in portrait/engagement/couples/wedding photography-type situations and, although I’m sure it’s been done amazingly well, all of the photos that I happened to see were, well, uh, a little cheesy (did I write that??).  I’m also not saying that I did some remarkable job here HOWEVER I was excited at the personal challenge of getting great photos sans the cheese factor.  End result?  I love the photos and Raven does, too!


intimidating yet awesome. my shoot with renee robyn.

This past January I had the awesome privilege of being photographed by the incredible Renee Robyn.  I was one of the winners in a contest she put on and was THRILLED at the opportunity.  Fast forward to late July…I had asked on my facebook page if anyone had any creative ideas for bridal portraits and voila, Renee said she’d model for me!  If you know Renee’s work you know that pretty/light/bridal/love aren’t typically part of what she does (she’s the queen of a whole other world lol) and so the mere thought of photographing her in a lovey-dovey setting was definitely a creative enough quest for me!

I was shaking in my boots when she and Richard showed up and, aside from telling her every two seconds how nervous I was, I think I did pretty good!

Here’s a look at our shoot 🙂


lisa and brad. married.

I had the unbelievable privilege of photographing my cousin’s wedding yesterday and it was incredible.  Even though a week ago the forecast called for rain it ended up being a gorgeous (aka scorching) day for their outdoor ceremony!

Lisa (and her sister, Tracy) have probably been the cousins that I’ve been closest to my whole life.  Being a few years older than Lisa, I used to coerce her and Tracy into playing with my hair (head rubs!) for hours at our family gatherings.  Years later I was the older cousin that got to babysit them (although it was just less like babysitting and more like hanging out with my friends, watching movies and ordering pizza with the money left by my Aunt and Uncle…good times).  We got even closer after the loss of their dear brother, Tim, and then even closer after Lisa and I got to be roomies for a while before I got married last year.

I was pretty stoked when Brad asked Lisa to marry him (in a combine…lol) and even more happy to be able to hang with her and help capture her wedding day.  Brad, you got a good one.