pretty ballerina. raven and braeden.

I got to photograph my cousin, Raven, and her boyfriend the other week and was sooo excited for the shoot.  The shoot was another spin-off from my “give me a creative idea and maybe I’ll shoot it” shout-out that I gave on my facebook page a while back.  Originally, I was thinking it would be a mock-bridal shoot but decided against that angle for this one.  I knew that Raven was a ballerina but the wheels were spinning when she agreed to let me feature that fact in some capacity during our shoot.  

I was looking around on the good ol’ interweb trying to see if I could be inspired by how ballet dancers have been featured in other portrait shoots and frankly, ended up making one of those cringe-y/grimace faces a lot of the time.  Now I’m not saying ballet dancers haven’t been remarkably captured in photographs (because they have); I was more looking for how they’ve been captured in portrait/engagement/couples/wedding photography-type situations and, although I’m sure it’s been done amazingly well, all of the photos that I happened to see were, well, uh, a little cheesy (did I write that??).  I’m also not saying that I did some remarkable job here HOWEVER I was excited at the personal challenge of getting great photos sans the cheese factor.  End result?  I love the photos and Raven does, too!



2 thoughts on “pretty ballerina. raven and braeden.

  1. I am Braeden’s Mom………I think the shoot was amazing… cheese here 🙂 When you know the people….you can see the subtle personality nuances of a smirrk or posture! It is romantic, creative and joyful! My fav is the one of the feet/legs!! Also love the one where she is on point standing by him and the sign….so clever! well done

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