lisa and brad. married.

I had the unbelievable privilege of photographing my cousin’s wedding yesterday and it was incredible.  Even though a week ago the forecast called for rain it ended up being a gorgeous (aka scorching) day for their outdoor ceremony!

Lisa (and her sister, Tracy) have probably been the cousins that I’ve been closest to my whole life.  Being a few years older than Lisa, I used to coerce her and Tracy into playing with my hair (head rubs!) for hours at our family gatherings.  Years later I was the older cousin that got to babysit them (although it was just less like babysitting and more like hanging out with my friends, watching movies and ordering pizza with the money left by my Aunt and Uncle…good times).  We got even closer after the loss of their dear brother, Tim, and then even closer after Lisa and I got to be roomies for a while before I got married last year.

I was pretty stoked when Brad asked Lisa to marry him (in a combine…lol) and even more happy to be able to hang with her and help capture her wedding day.  Brad, you got a good one.


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