Warriors in White

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing some incredible women.  Here’s an excerpt from my email first communicating with the women who had expressed interest in letting me photograph them:

“Cancer, that vicious thing, has been on my mind and heart for quite some time now.  I know of too many women who are or have been affected by it.  At first it was women from the church I grew up in – old family friends, peers of my parents, etc.  And then I started hearing too much about it affecting other women.  Women my own age, younger even.  My sister’s childhood friend, a cousin’s relative, a woman who leads worship at her church (and has the most beautiful voice you’ll ever hear), one of my own very dear friends….  Some of these women are finished with the worst of it; some are recuperating; some are just beginning a long and hard journey.
I’ve been thinking of how to use photography in different ways lately; ways that can maybe “speak” or “share” something.  “Warriors in White” is what I came up with after deciding I wanted to DECLARE something.  I happen to be a Christian who believes in an unbelievable God.  Regardless of whether or not you share this faith my belief on this matter is the same: That God has a plan for all of His children, including each of you.  That He sees your beauty and desires to see you through thick and thin; To be there in the muck and see you come out triumphant.  I want this beautiful time I have to photograph each of you to declare that you are made beautifully and wonderfully and that, no matter where your journey with cancer is at the moment, that there is LIFE for you!”
And so, I was able to photograph 6 incredible women.  Sonia, Lori, Kyla, Nikki, Ana and Tracy came out to my parent’s acreage (where I grew up…happy sigh) and spent the afternoon getting their hair and makeup done (Thank you, Marvel!!!), visiting, eating yummy food (Thank you, Mom!!!) and being photographed.  Each of these women have experienced cancer in a different way but, let me tell you, they were FULL of life!  It was awesome to watch these women smile and laugh and to hear their stories,  hearts and perspectives.  I loved it.  Thank you again for sharing your experiences with me, for teaching me about positivity and strength, and for letting me photograph you.
I have to give a huge shout out, too, to Tiara from The Refurbished Ruby for lending us her jewelry for the shoot.  Also, a huge thank you to my friend and fellow photog, Alora, for her help assisting me with tech-y stuff as well as capturing these ladies from her own unique perspective.

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